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Spiritual Sky Fragrant Perfume Oil - "Popular since the 70's" - 20 Fragrances

Spiritual Sky fragrant perfume oils have been around since the 1970's and are available in 20 irresistible & unforgettable fragrances. These 8.5ml oils are packaged in clear glass bottles, are long lasting & age beautifully. They are sourced from quality natural ingredients.

These oils were made to be worn, however they can also be used for a variety of purposes. Remember, these oils are quite concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. A few drops is all you will need. Here are a few ideas on how to use your oils:

Use your Oil in an oil burner (never mix with water, just a simple oil such as safflower is perfect)

A few drops added into a romantic bath will relax and rejuvenate...!

Sprinkle your essence oil on a candle to gradually release a gentle aroma, perfect for intimate evenings!

Many people sprinkle them around their home in pot-pourri and floral arrangements.

A few drops on a cloth placed in the dryer will give your clothes a beautifully fresh fragrance.

Around the home when cleaning; a few drops on a cloth when wiping or in a bucket for mopping are just wonderful ways to uplift and energize your home!

Sprinkle a few drops on the toilet paper rolls & hand towels... the bathroom smells beautiful for ages, without having to use any earth-damaging sprays.

Sprinkle on carpet in your car.

Size 8.5 ml
Retail $ 10.00 
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Frangipani $ 10.00     
Frankincense $ 10.00     
Lavender $ 10.00     
Musk $ 10.00     
Musk Rose $ 10.00     
Night Queen $ 10.00     
Om $ 10.00     
Opium Type $ 10.00     
Patchouli $ 10.00     
Patchouli Amber $ 10.00     
Peach Musk $ 10.00     
Rose $ 10.00     
Sandalwood $ 10.00     
Jasmine $ 10.00     
Strawberry $ 10.00     
Vanilla $ 10.00     
Ylang Ylang $ 10.00     
Amber $ 10.00     
African Violet $ 10.00     
Coconut Dreams $ 10.00     
Patchouli Moon $ 10.00     

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