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Bronze Meditation Buddha Statue w Stone Mosaic Design Peace & Protection -2.7Kg

This beautiful Bronze Buddha, sits in the Meditation pose, and has been decorated with a striking stone Mosaic design.

The prime function of a Buddha statue is to communicate the peace of mind and discipline wherein one is in control of conflicting emotions and has a hold over his mind and negative feelings such as lobh (greed), jealousy etc.

Touching the earth the right hand rests on the right thigh with the fingers pointing downwards and touching the earth. The left hand rests in the dhyāna mudrā position in the Buddha's lap. Enlightenment

This Buddha is part of a range of Traditional, Bronze statues, symbolizing the beauty, magnificence and charm of Indian heritage. Excellent craftsmanship can be seen in the superior artistic detail, the texture, polish, durability & finish.

Height - 25 cm

Width - 19 cm

Base - 13.5 x 8 cm

Weight - 2.7 Kg

Code - MB-2887B

Care of Indoor Bronzes

Once a year the bronze should be wiped with a clean, soft rag, and then a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax or Tree Wax applied with a soft brush. Allow it to sit for an hour or so and then buff with a soft brush or rag. This will protect your bronze from the oil of human hands, dust and grease.

Outdoor Bronzes should be done twice a year.

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