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Butterfly Wing Pendant/Necklaces - These Australian-made pendants, set in pewter/sterling silver, are designed using real butterfly wings, which are sourced from non-threatened species around the world. They are collected legally from butterfly’s that have been raised in butterfly pavilions & have completed their life cycle fully & naturally. The wings are carefully collected & recycled for their second transformation into these stunning pendants where their beauty can be admired for years to come. Some Pendants feature the beautiful wings of one species of butterfly and some pendants are a collage of two species.
All pendants can be worn on both sides as they feature a beautifully designed silver reverse side that is decorated with butterfly and flower patterns. Double the value for one great price.
Absolutely Stunning – Designed by Nature – Especially for You.
The Butterfly is a universal symbol of the soul, resurrection & immortality. Its distinctive life cycles are representative of our own life, death and rebirth. The fluttering butterfly is also connected with high spirits and the pleasure of living.

PLEASE send us an enquiry if the product you want to buy is OUT OF STOCK. We will order the product in for you if stock is available.